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Envision Design is a pioneering product design company using the latest software and design techniques to reduce costs and time.

Organisation Description

Envision Design Limited is a pioneering product design enterprise. We specialise in Product Design Engineering using the latest CAD/CAM software tools and design techniques to minimise cost and reduce development lead-times. Our high level of involvement in the design process from concept to production combined with our versatile approach allows us to bring a design solution at a cost that is right for you.




FEED Study & Product Design Specifications

Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) Studies and Product Design Specifications (PDS) are an essential part of the design process. Establishing the design goal at an early stage helps control budgets and discipline project timescales.


Idea & Concept Generation

Idea and Concept Generation is the critical first step in realising your products architecture. Successfully capturing ideas is at the heart of good design. CAD software allows for high speed production and evolution of concept ideas with a high degree of realism in both looks and geometry available.


Prototyping & Pre-production

The introduction of rapid prototyping allows for high speed production normally in a matter of days. Rapid prototypes can be employed as pseudo components exactly representing manufactured items.


Marketing Material

An integral component of the design process is to market the product from an early stage. Feedback is critical to a successful decision making process. Concept modelling provides the basis for the production of Photorealist renderings at a very early stage, bringing forward opportunities to gather market research about proposed solutions.Envision uses the latest developments in rendering techniques to provide quick turnaround images (matter of minutes). The approach allows for a number of high quality images highlighting the key points of your product.


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Jonathan Marsh


+44 (0)7762 324 008