An Introduction to Intellectual Property by The UK Intellectual Property Office

Find out about the different types of protection available for your ideas and your business and the resources that UKIPO provides on understanding and applying for intellectual property protection.

Intellectual Property (IP) results from the expression of an idea. So IP might be a brand, an invention, a design, a song or another intellectual creation. IP can be owned, bought and sold.

How and when should I use IP? –


Patents –

Patent Basic Facts –

Patents Essential Reading –

Patents Application Guide –

Trade Marks

Trade Marks –

Trade Marks quick facts –


Designs –

How to apply to register a design –

Designs Basic Facts –


Copyright –

Copyright Basic Facts –

Artists Resale Rights –

Additional Resources

Online Services (Searching our databases) –

IP for Business and Enterprise –

IP Healthcheck –

Peter Buckley

Communications and Media Manager

Intellectual Property Office