An Introductory Guide to Smart Idea Store for Inventors by Smart Idea Store


How does the Smart Idea Store website work?  How can you and your inventions benefit through Smart Idea Store?



Our website is about providing you with the resources and guides you need to manage your ideas and finding the investors and project partners that you need to turn your ideas into successful commercial products.


This guide explains in detail how you can use the Smart Idea Store website to access our resources to enhance your existing knowledge, effectively manage every stage of the commercialisation progress and find the right project partners to assist you and your ideas.


We will be frequently adding new resources from a variety of sources to provide you with a broad range of information and insight to help you manage the evaluation, protection, development and commercialisation of your ideas.  Information and presentations from investors, patent attorneys, designers, manufacturers, technical experts, legal experts, commercial experts and sales and marketing experts will help you understand more about the services and products that they offer, the terminology that they use and the information and project milestones that they need from you in order to work with you.


Please get in touch with suggestions on what additional resources you want on the website by emailing  



Smart Idea Store is developing educational resources for each stage of the innovation process and for different levels of experience, whether you are new to inventing, want to expand your knowledge and develop your ideas further or want to keep up with the latest news from the various specialties involved in the innovation process or ask specific questions.


The material is produced by experts in their particular field so that you get the best advice and support.  You can email us with suggestions for future topics or ask specific questions and we will ask our experts to create new resources and answers to the most popular and most interesting suggestions.



We want you to make the most of your ideas. As a result, we have provided guides so that you can decide which parts of the innovation process that you want to do for yourself and included instructions on what to do and templates in order for you to project manage each stage.


If you are new to inventing, we suggest that you follow our guides in sequence to ensure that you cover all the necessary steps and don’t make any mistakes that could jeopardise the chances of successfully developing your idea.


Idea Homepage

Once your idea is protected, you can use our guide to create an idea homepage that will attract investors and project partners who have the finance, skills and resources that you are seeking and are looking to collaborate with inventors who have good commercial inventions.


This will promote your idea to a focused group of experienced professionals who can contact you to express an interest in collaborating with you and developing your idea into a commercial product.


There is no need to put in too much detail, if you are worried about confidentiality.  You can simply describe the problem, the potential market and ask investors and project partners to contact you to discuss a confidentiality agreement.


Note: We recommend you patent your idea before creating an idea homepage



In order to fund, develop and sell the technology that arises from your ideas, you will need to find investors and project partners. 



Find individuals and companies who fund innovation, the technology sectors that interest them and what is expected in return for the investment.


Project Partners

Most projects, unless the inventor has the skills and resources to cover every stage of the innovation process, requires the inventor to work with project partners who have the skills, finances or resources that you need in order to progress your ideas.


Our website has a searchable database full of investors and project partners for every stage of the innovation process but, if you cannot find a project partner with the skills or resources that you need, please contact us and we will endeavour to use our vast network of contacts to find a suitable project partner for you who can provide the skills and experience that you need.


We also provide guides to help you identify the skills and experiences that you need, common terminology used by professionals and how to assess the project partners and the deals that they are offering to choose the best project partner for your invention.  If you do not want to do this, there are project partners on our database who will be willing to do this work for you.


Your Next Step

Work out what stage you are at in the innovation process.  There are resources for:



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