Assessing the Patentability of Your Idea by Smart Idea Store


Your chances of success could be considerably increased if you can protect your idea.  A patent would be the best way to do this but is it possible?



To determine if your idea meets the requirements to be protected by a patent, you need to find similar technology to your idea and determine what features, if any, are different and what commercial advantage these novel features give you over your competition.


There are four sections, covering:


  1. The purpose of a patentability search
  2. Searching patent databases
  3. Searching the internet
  4. Critically evaluating the competition


It is certainly possible for you, as the inventor, to perform the patentability search and evaluation on your own idea.  However, it is sometimes better to get an independent professional assessment of the potential of your idea as this may give a more accurate picture of the unique features of your idea and the commercial value of any technology that has these features. Smart Idea Store can introduce you to potential project partners who could perform these functions on your behalf.


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