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Giving the right impression and providing information about you and your business to potential business partners and customers can be hugely beneficial but how do you create a brand?



The impression that your existing and your potential business partners and customers have of you, your business and its products, services or resources is significantly influenced by the branding and the content of your promotional material.  Traditional promotional material such as business cards, brochures and other literature and freebies (branded pens, notepads, mugs, etc.) are being supplemented and, in some cases, superceded by social media and online resources that are much cheaper, easier to modify and give the opportunity to interact with their business partners and customers on a much more diverse and frequent basis.


This article is written from the perspective of a user and advocate of the various branding and social media formats and will discuss the various options and their benefits and limitations.  More specific and detailed information can be found in articles provided by branding, marketing  and social media professionals.



The essential feature of branding is to be recognised and liked for your products, services, knowledge or experience by your customers and business partners so that they differentiate you from your competition.


There are a variety of elements that are part of a brand and their significance to you and your business depends on what you aspire to achieve and what impression you want to portray to your customers and business partners.



The names of successful companies and products are easy to remember because we are exposed to them so often.  It may benefit new and emerging companies to have a name that describes the business or type of work or is catchy and easy to remember.


A unique design, text layout and pattern of colours will make your company or products readily identifiable, even without including your name.


A well worded phrase, sometimes using rhyme and alliteration, can help make your tagline message memorable and get your message or values across to your audience for example “Vorsprung durch Technik” which translates as advancement through technology.



If you want to create a brand for your product or business, the best place to start is by reviewing internet websites with hints and tips, such as:


This should provide you with information and insight into creating a brand that means something to you and your business.  


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