Can You Manage Your Own Project? by Smart Idea Store


Do you have the skills and personality to manage all the aspects required to turn your idea into a developed product and launch it on the market?




In order to effectively project manage the variety of tasks involved in developing your idea into a tested product and, if the project calls for it, sell and market the final product requires two separate categories:




The typical skills that are needed to manage a project are:



There are a variety of independent and interdependent tasks involved in developing and commercialising innovation.  You need to successfully manage these diverse tasks, their costs and the people and organisations who are your project partners and performing the tasks, if you are to successfully bring the project in on time and on budget.



Your chances of success could rest upon completing the project on time and on budget.  Therefore a successful project manager must be able to effectively monitor the timeline and the costs to ensure that any complications are seen in advance and that their are contingencies involved to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that there are no significant delays due to misunderstandings in the project path, costs associated with activities, the interdependence of different stages and the timely exchange of information, drawings, materials, etc. between project partners.



The right type of personality to project manage is a blend of:



In order to get others to provide you with information, resources and services in a timely manner, you must motivate them with your enthusiasm.  They must feel part of a valued process, which may require you to either lead by example or delegate and seek counsel as the need arises.



The key to managing a diverse range of project tasks, which are being done by a wide variety of different people, is communication.  Whether you are the conduit and decision maker through which all information passes or you opt for open meetings with a collective input into the information exchange and decision making processes, the project team must know what is happening and who is responsible at all times to feel confident and appreciated in the project.



Not everybody has the necessary skills and personality to be a project manager; it requires an honest and open self-assessment to decide if your project is better off being managed by somebody else or if you would like the opportunity to develop your existing skills and build your personality to be a project manager.


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