How to Decide Which Experts to Approach by Smart Idea Store


How do you identify with experts to approach for feedback and answers to your questions about the feasibility of your latest innovation?



This article will help you assess the feasibility of your innovations through the detailed evaluation stage by:



Confirming the Critical Questions

Having already identified the critical questions for your innovation in the articleb ‘Critical Questions for Detailed Evaluation’, these should be reviewed to identify which can be answered at this early stage.


Identifying Experts

The Smart Idea Store website has a searchable database of commercial, technical and legal experts, patent attorneys and innovation support agencies who can either answer your questions directly or can introduce you to the people and organisation with the answers.


Alternatively, you may already know people with the expertise to answer your questions.

 How to Approach Experts

Once you have identified the people or organisations that you want to approach, you need to consider why they would want to help you and their interest in your innovation.


This may be part of their job or the services that their organisation provides if you approach an innovation support agency.  There may be the additional benefit of dealing with the paperwork and finding the right people to answer your various critical questions.


If you are approaching commercial companies or individuals then you need to put some thought into anticipating their interest in helping you which may be:



Being able to predict why an expert or a company would be interested in advising you on your critical questions will significantly increase your chances for a successful approach for advise and feedback.


Collating the information that you have found and information provided by experts will allow you to decide whether a project is feasible by assessing the details of the detailed evaluation.


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