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NHS Highland facilitates pharmaceutical and device trials on behalf of companies, academia and clinical research organisations.

Organisation Description

NHS Highland R&D facilitates and supports ethical and safe medical research for both the academic and pharmaceutical communities. Our service is provided to academic and NHS researchers, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, device companies and clinical research organisations.



Research In Primary Care

NHS Highland R&D Department is committed to supporting the management and development of research in primary care. The Research Co-ordinator for Primary Care brings viable research opportunities to research enthusiastic practitioners across the region, either as a participating site in national studies, or, in the development of local original research.  This role is being funded at present by the Scottish Primary Care Network (SPCRN).


Main Objectives:

  1. - To facilitate the recruitment of SPCRN adopted, national, multi-centre studies, thereby increasing the number of primary care practices in NHS Highland (and NHS Western Isles)  taking part in research.
  2. - To support the development of original research in primary care in the Highlands and Islands.


Contact Details

If you want any more information about Primary Research or would like to discuss your own research ideas please contact :

Samantha Holden

Research Co-ordinator (Primary Care)

01463 255 854      .




Commercial Research

Commercial research is important to the NHS, as it is through this process that new treatments, devices or laboratory tests are studied and brought forward for use by patients and staff. NHS Highland hosts a small but growing number of commercially sponsored research studies. Often these are multicentre trials of novel treatments but there are also locally based studies of new devices or laboratory tests.

There are strict procedures governing the performance of commercially sponsored research in the NHS. If you are approached to take part in a commercially sponsored study, you should consult the R&D office at the earliest possible stage. We are keen to support clinicians who wish to take part in commercially sponsored studies. We will assist with scrutiny of the project, ensuring that the correct ethical and governance procedures are in place and that an appropriate contract is negotiated between the researcher, the NHS and the commercial sponsor.


Contact Details

 If you want any more information about Commercial Research please contact :


Frances Hines

R&D Manager

01463 255 822