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NRS Permissions CC acts as a central point of contact for researchers wishing to carry out multicentre research in NHS Scotland.

Organisation Description

The NHS Research Scotland Permissions Coordinating Centre (NRS Permissions CC) acts as a central point of contact for industry and non-commercial researchers wishing to carry out multicentre research in the NHS Scotland.  NRS Permissions CC offers an efficient, free Scotland-wide feasibility assessment service to customers to identify Investigators / clinical sites in Scotland who can positively contribute to patient recruitment for a planned study – we can provide Scotland-wide feedback within 2 weeks.  This dedicated administrative team also manages and tracks the streamlined process for obtaining NHS R&D permission for Scottish sites.



NRS Permissions CC provides the following services to researchers:


Friendly, Helpful and Informative Customer Service

The Permissions CC team will be happy to help you with any project application queries you have, whether you are a first-time applicant or someone who has conducted research in Scotland for a long time.


Feasibility Assessments

The Permissions CC can coordinate a Scotland-wide ‘expression of interest’ and patient recruitment capability from potential investigators in the relevant field of expertise for commercial or non-commercial feasibility studies, first ensuring necessary Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs) are in place (if applicable).


Centralised Project Coordination and Management for Scottish Sites

NRS Permissions CC acts as a single point of contact for industry and investigators to manage the streamlined NHS R&D permission process for multicentre commercial and non-commercial research studies across Scotland.


Coordination of Global Governance Checks for UK-wide studies 

For UK-wide studies where the lead R&D office is based in Scotland, NRS Permissions CC will coordinate the global governance checks on behalf of the UK.


For UK-wide non-commercial studies involving Scottish sites where the lead R&D office is based in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, NRS Permissions CC waits to receive the project documentation and then a Governance Report from the lead country, before assigning a lead R&D office to conduct a ‘mini-generic review’ (Scottish-specific governance checks only) and notifying participating Health Board offices to conduct local reviews for Scottish sites. For UK-wide commercial studies involving Scottish sites where the lead R&D office is based in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, the Permissions CC will promptly contact the company to give them the opportunity to submit their project application to NRS Permissions CC in parallel to England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, so that Scottish site permissions may be progressed without delay.


Coordination of Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)

NRS Permissions CC can facilitate the set up of CDAs between commercial companies and Scottish Health Boards, either project-specific or over-arching Master CDAs. We can provide you with a draft CDA template, or you can choose to send a company template which an NRS commercial manager will review and negotiate on behalf of Scotland.  NRS Permissions CC is covered by an agreement with NHS Grampian.


Project Tracking and Performance Analysis

We can tell you where your project is in the system at any time and we can help resolve any potential issues.


Access to Investigators and Patients 

NRS Permissions CC maintains a register of clinicians in Scotland interested in taking part in commercial research. If you are a commercial company wanting access to clinical experts in Scotland who work in your particular fields of interest, the Permissions CC can help put you in touch. We also have direct links with the Scottish Topic-Specific Research Networks and 28 Scottish representatives for the UKCRN/NIHR Speciality Groups.


Contact Details

If you are a company that would value a presentation and/or the opportunity for face to face discussion, please contact:

Alison Walker, National Coordinator for NRS Permissions CC



Telephone: 01224 554051


Alternatively, please contact the office


Telephone: 01224 552690




Presentation: An Introduction to NRS Permissions CC