Project Management: Define the Project by Smart Idea Store


Too many people start a project without considering the outcomes they want from a project, the tasks needed to be performed and consequent length of the project and the costs that would be incurred to complete the project.


Any project to develop and commercialise innovation can be broken down into stages.



The first step that you should do is to identify the tasks that your project might require at each stage, with more consideration being given to the earlier stages.


Not every project requires you to perform each stage.  For example, commercial companies are sometimes happy to develop and commercialise proven concepts with protected intellectual property.  However, this is different for each market and the detailed evaluation will provide the information and opinion to inform the decision about the viability and potential for the project.  Some of this information may be provided by development and innovation support agencies and it is worthwhile reviewing their services and resources to see if you can save yourself time and money.


Project Planning

Successful project management requires project planning.  You need some system to record the tasks that are to be performed, the resources and skills required from the project team and the timeline and costs associated with the project to effectively monitor the project and determine whether the project is still technically and commercially viable and whether the outcomes need to be reviewed.


This requires some sort of panning chart.  The most common project management chart is a Gantt chart and we have provided a template Gantt chart here:


Project Management Template


Alternatively, there are downloadable Gantt chart spreadsheets available on the internet.

Define the First Project

In order to realistically determine the technical and commercial feasibility of a project and assess the most appropriate route to market, the first project that needs to be defined is performing a detailed evaluation.


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