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Find out how you and your business can use Smart Idea Store to find the best new ideas looking for financial investment.


Smart Idea Store has been designed for you, as an investor, to find the best opportunities and project partners to realise your investments by creating commercial technology.  In addition, if you so choose, you can promote your services by creating a partner profile and provide resources and guides on the website to highlight your expertise through the following features:




The best new ideas from a wide variety of inventors, companies and research institutions are searchable by different filters in our idea database.  Find great opportunities to develop new cutting edge technology from  different sectors, which may even be platform technology that has multiple applications.


Investments can be developed into new products and commercialised by searching our database of project partners to find the people and organisations with the services and resources that you and the innovator require to make a return on your investment.


Partner Profile

If you so choose, you can create a partner profile to promote yourself and your business by describing your business and highlighting the services and resources that are available.  In addition, you have the option to provide as much contact information as you are happy to make available to innovators and project partners.


Resources and Guides

There are a diverse range of resources covering the various stages of generating, evaluating, developing and commercialising innovation.  You can access these resources to find out more about the different roles and organisations involved in innovation, the types of services and resources they provide and the terminology that is used within these different specialties.


There is also the opportunity to provide resources that provide insight into your particular expertise within the investment sector to inform other subscribers to Smart Idea Store about investment whilst highlighting your experience and expertise.


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