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EMDR Glasses

Glasses with integrated LEDs at the periphery of the visual field that allows home treatment of mental health conditions using Eye Movement Desensitising and Reprocessing therapy.
EMDR therapy treats a wide variety of mental health conditions with associated trauma including post-traumatic stress disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depression and eating disorders.

Current technology can only be delivered by health professionals as an out-patient treatment making EMDR therapy expensive and ineffective.

Patients do not have personal equipment so cannot access EMDR therapy when they need it most; before, during and directly after a panic attack.
Glasses can be prescribed to a patient to improve access to technology, increase the frequency of treatment and fit therapy around the lifestyle of the patient.

Treatment can be delivered to large groups following traumatic events, e.g. military personnel involved in war or emergency service staff and members of the public witnessing fatal road traffic accident.

The LEDs can be programmed to change the routine to optimise treatment depending on the mental health condition and the patient.

The glasses flicker at 19Hz and its harmonic of 38Hz to match the brain's natural frequencies for information processing and improve the benefit of EMDR therapy.
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