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Hydrousel Tidal Turbine

This is a new water wheel which will operate fully submerged and accept flow from any direction to generate electrical power.
It consists of two counter-rotating disks with hinged blaes which open into the flow and close against the flow. The design is animal friendly and will do no damage to the environment.
Most underwater turbines use propeller blades which require to be aligned with the flow direction. This requires complex engineering if the flow is potentially omnidirectional.
This design will accept flow in any direction. Also, propeller blades use a chopping action through the water which is not animal or fish friendly wheras the sweeping action of the Hydrousel blades will not harm wildlife.
Omindirectional Blades
The tidal turbine operation is not dependent on the direction of the tidal flow. This design will accept flow in any direction.

Sweeping Motion
Blades do not harm wildlife
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