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IV Prev: Technology to save lives

In US, 2m patients contracted blood stream infections resulting in a $40b cost and thousands of preventable deaths - IV Prev eliminates this without the use of antibiotics, saving money and lives.

IV Prev is a catheter accessory which prevents blood stream infections by automated sterilization of the wound, using off the shelf antiseptics. It is externally attached. The device significantly decreases the bacteria on skin and has potential to reduce infections. IV Prev eliminates the use of expensive, precious antibiotic treatments.

Initial target market segments for this device are venous and urology catheters, based on the high rate of infections and feedback received from specialists, urologists and infection control teams. 32 million units can be sold every year in US and Europe, making it a $1.5 Billion opportunity.

It is a class IIa device and we will be going for CE Mark and FDA 510k application by 2014.
32 Million patients get admitted in US every year with 16 million catheters being used. Out of those 2 million get infected because of these catheters. Statistics say, 5% of admitted patients in US and 7.1% in Europe get hospital-acquired infections, in which blood stream infection is most deadly, killing 1 out of 4 infected patients.

Catheter insertions in the skin create an opening allowing bacteria to get into blood and cause infections. Antibiotics are becoming ineffective for these infections, creating difficulty in treating infected patients.

In Europe, 4.5 Million new cases occur each year, resulting in €7 billion in treatment.

IV Prev eliminates this - saving lives and money.

Besides, current products coated with antiseptics like catheters and dressings dry up quickly without any warning to nursing staff. These products have a declining antiseptic effect over the period of time of their application, compromising the safety of patient. These products have short life span and needs frequent changing.
IV Prev comprises of two units, one is dispensing unit and other is a capsule containing antiseptic, which is a consumable.

Dispensing unit has LED warning system which allows nursing staff to know when the device is dysfunctional or requires antiseptic change. This allows nursing staff to know the status of device.

Changing of capsules gives freedom to hospitals for choice of antiseptics that can be used pertaining to skin sensitivity of patient.

IV Prev can last as long as catheter is on patient as you can always add more capsules matching it with patient stay.

Changing capsules is very easy, requiring minimal training and can be done even by patient or their family. No specialised nursing staff is required for this. it is a self starting device and is very easy to operate.

IV Prev allows clear visualisation of wound.
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