Techniques for Innovation: Mind-Mapping by Smart Idea Store


There are many different techniques for generating new ideas.  Mind-mapping is a great technique for creating initial concepts that can be developed into new technology.



A mind map is a  visual diagram that generates issues, ideas and information based around a single concept at the centre of the mind map.


These diagrams can be an excellent method for innovators to sketch out issues with current technology and generate an assortment of initial concepts to resolve these issues.


The Technique

Mind maps are a personalised technique for relating information around a central theme by creating branches that link different pieces of information.


Each branch leads to one or two keywords or an image that describes an issue, some information or a potential solution associated with the core theme of the mind map.


New keywords or images that you generate based on the original keyword or image are linked to it, at a distance, by a branch.  There should be a good distance between the words and the branches, as it is easily conceivable that you will develop additional keywords or images that also related to the original keyword or image.  Your personal technique should allow for these later additions to be easily linked and you should develop your own colouring system to easily identify groups and to encode the development and importance of your innovations.























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